Weddings require elaborate entertainment services as weddings are mostly a 3 day affair.

Entertainment services enhance the glamour of an event. It makes the event atmosphere more lively & vibrant. Diwas,Weddings & Events arrange entertainment Services for various types of events such as corporate events, weddings, social parties, birthday parties and many more. We provide unique & creative ideas to incorporate entertainment services in the events, so that every event is exceptional & one of a kind..

Weddings require elaborate entertainment services as weddings are mostly a 3 day affair. Couples can choose from a variety of amusement & activity options to make the occasion lively, where as events like corporate parties or other social parties require onetime entertainment, however the below mentioned are available for both types to make a choice:

Bolloywood theme music and dance are most popular in weddings, these may include a variety like DJ Musc, Bollywood Dance troupe performance, performing anchors/artists to engage audience. Should the wedding have a large budget then Bollywood singers, film star performances can also be a part of entertainment for the wedding. DJ & Music entertainment are also popular for corporate and other social parties

Indian Folk Music & Dance- Rajasthani , Sufi and other forms of music, Rajasthani dance forms like Ghoomar, Chail, Bhawai are famous amongst destination wedding entertainment. Tribal dance and performances, puppet shows and story-telling can also be a part of entertainment.

Western Music & Dance-Western music & performances are new innovation in the event entertainment services genre. International DJ, Belly dancing, Salsa, Jazz, Latina are forms of music and performances that are gaining grounds in the Indian event industry.

Fusion Music & Performances-Gazal singers, band performances, comedians , International & Indian Fusion mish-mash are amongst the unique flavors for event market. Diwas, Weddings & Events offers assistance in sourcing & providing highly professional and well planned entertainment service to make sure every event is exceptional & one of a kind.